News, 11 May 2021

Virtual Iftar with PT Aditya Sarana Graha

Marhaban yes Ramadhan, a month full of blessings and congratulations to those of you who are still fasting. Throughout these long days, we have been hit by a pandemic that we never knew would end. However, even though we are in a pandemic like this, it does not mean that we reduce or even keep in touch.

With today’s modern developments, maintaining relationships with family, relatives, close and distant relatives is no longer difficult for us to do. However, activities must be carried out in compliance with 3M health protocols.

Like PT. Aditya Sarana Graha held a virtual breaking fast together to establish friendly relations with fellow employees. To remind that PT Aditya Sarana Graha also has a large family both at the center and in branches that are widespread throughout Indonesia.


The speech of the event was opened by the CEO of PT. Aditya Sarana Graha who added to the excitement of the iftar event together. “Even though it is only virtually, togetherness and maintaining mutual relations with each other are important values ​​that we must protect, trials come and go and we can never do away with. Maybe we can only pray together and keep up the spirit in facing all the trials that exist. “, Said the CEO of PT. Aditya Sarana Graha.


“Even though it’s far away, it doesn’t mean we can’t be together,” said Mr. Ustad. Distance and different times do not prevent us from continuing to be together. The theme discussed is quite interesting and can be an afterthought for all of us, namely “KEEPING YOUR HEART IN PANDEMIC TIME TO ACHIEVE SELF-CLEANLINESS”

“Talking about the heart is the same as about many things because behavior, relationships, and actions start with the intention in the heart. Keep your heart calm, keep your heart always in a state of peace, because even if you are happy but your heart is not calm, life will be hard, ”said Mr. Ustad.

“During this pandemic, there may be many trials that we cannot avoid and it is hard to carry out activities outside the home. Meeting relatives who are far away is impossible. But behind that, there must be wisdom, so don’t be too sad. ” said Mr. Ustad

The event was continued with a prayer activity led by Mr. Ustad. After the prayer, the event continued with greeting each other with the MC’s all branch employees of PT. Aditya Sarana Graha and distributing Vouchers by answering quizzes. Three people who answer correctly and quickly will carry the Homestory Voucher.

After the event was finished, the committee did not forget to give takjil and souvenirs to all employees so that they could still go home early and break fast with their families at home because the time in eastern, central and western Indonesia was different, so the event was finished at 17.00 WIB.


The event was full of wisdom and activities were carried out in the most effective manner and in compliance with Health Protocols, to care for one another, to entertain each other and to share was an important point for this Joint Fast Breaking Event to be held.

The event was closed with acoustic music, with full warmth and togetherness at this joint breaking the fast, making us learn to be calm and keep up the spirit in carrying out any activities even in a pandemic like this.