Events, 23 December 2020

Gebrakan Aditya 3M First Period

Aditya Gebrakan 3M (Purchase (Membeli), Register(Mendaftar), and Claim (Menangkan)) is an event that held by Aditya Group. This event is addressed to our loyal customers who had purchased any product from our brands including: Kirin, Wasser, Wasserpump, Arlita, Paloma, & Roca. The Gebrakan 3M is an event from the Aditya Group that is about sharing happiness to our lucky winners. These lucky winners will be selected through lottery in which were divided into 3 periods. The first period was held in 11 December 2020. The second period will be held in 11 January 2021. The Third and final period with a grand prize of Toyota Calya will be held in 11 February 2021.

The first period was held in 11 December 2020 at the Graha Aditya building, and was broadcasted live through Instagram of and also through Aditya Sarana Graha official youtube channel. The Social Minister of Republic Indonesia, social services of DKI Jakarta, and Julinar Ms. Theodore Helena as a notary supervised this event.

The winners of first period can be seen in the link The winners will not be charged of any fee and will be contacted by our official email or through phone call +62 812-6000-839.