Since 1983, Aditya Sarana Graha (ASG) has been recognized as the nationwide provider of high quality products, solutions and services.

The 30 years of growth empowered by innovation and trust, ASG is continued to strive in order to achieve its business expansion plans including the aim of evolving to be one of the best performance corporate in Indonesia and provide the continuous living quality improvement to customers.

In term of achieving its 2020 monumental goals, ASG starts off with commitment to achieve the milestones set forth in all its cross organizational business prioritizes.

The company vision to “Improve people’s living quality” in a sustainable way, everyone in ASG work together with passed-down “One Vision and Mission” philosophy, ready to serve better.

Message From The President

ASG corporate
Harris Chandra

Message From President

Business Philosophy

Vision, Mission, & Value

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  • Product Development

    Introducing our artistic sensibility, spirit of design and legacy of innovation that continuously creating new values both to product users and environment.
  • Quality Policy

    Getting to know our quality policy that delivers proven endurance, performance and construction allowing customers to use our products with confidence.
  • Service and Customer Care

    Find out ASG nationwide presence and exceptional after-sales service and customer care that bring peace-of-mind to the products user.
  • CSR

    ASG corporate social initiatives to conserve the nature and contribute to local society.